The Station

The Chicago Department of Aviation is designing a new garage and rent-a-car center. The planned Metra connection is substandard.

A new station built into the new garage is a much better solution. Click image to enlarge.

The Chicago Department of Aviation has presented an exciting opportunity for a new railroad station at O'Hare Airport. Today, O'Hare officials are building a new parking structure that should be combined with a new railroad station.

The new garage will combine long-term parking and a new consolidated rental car facility with a station for local and long distance buses. The airport's people mover is being extended to the new center. It will be a major transfer center for a wide variety of trips.

However, the Metra connection has been an afterthought. An outside walkway to today's diminutive station is all that is planned right now.

A new Amtrak/Metra station should be built into the east side of the parking garage with a convenient and indoor connection to the people mover.

It is urgent that the City seize this opportunity. Please ask your elected representatives to make a station at O'Hare a priority.