Why O'Hare Direct | Better Feeder Network | Stronger Finances | More Robust Intermodal Hub

Passengers connect between high speed trains and planes at Dusseldorf.

O'Hare International Airport is a critical asset for the Chicago metro area and the entire Midwest. The world's second busiest airport is a vital link to business and personal connections across the globe.

Reaching the airport can be a challenge. Rising fuel costs and airline consolidation threaten feeder flights from cities across the Midwest who depend on O'Hare as an international gateway. Time-consuming car trips are expensive and impractical.

Stronger links are needed to connect the powerful, $2.7 trillion Midwestern economy with this major international gateway.

Fast, frequent trains can fill the void. With only a few improvements, Chicago can connect O'Hare to the Loop, McCormick Place and the South Side on a single train ride. Across the Midwest, direct rail links can replace inefficient short-haul flights and connect O'Hare to millions more people.

Trains will make the airport more profitable and increase access for hundreds of communities across the Midwest.